OPERATION: Tech Bingo, Part 3 (Covert Ops & Medals)

The Bingo board has 24 lessons on it in five categories: Canvas, Google, SMART, Tech Standards, and Web Apps. These technology applications are those that are supported and promoted in Katy ISD. They fit nicely on the board in the five columns. In addition to those main lessons, I added more lessons and called them Covert Operations.

These lessons are tech tools I thought teachers would also enjoy learning about. They are worth 100 XP each and aren’t as elaborate as the Missions. Here is an example Covert Operation lesson:

There are also interesting certifications that teachers can achieve but they are unaware, sometimes, that they are available. So, I curated several of them into Medals and award 200 XP for showing evidence they have been completed.

These are linked to assignments where teachers can submit their certificates of completion.

So, when Missions, Covert Operations, and Medals are all complete teachers are awarded XP. I noted that above, but Covert Operations are worth 100 XP, Medals are worth 200 XP, and Missions are worth up to 170 XP if teachers complete the challenges.

In my next post, I’ll explain how the XP factors in.