The STAAR Review Course (Covert Ops & Medals)

The STAAR Review course included optional assignments for students to earn more eXperience Points. By doing these optional assignments, they would level up faster. 

Covert Operations

When students clicked on the Covert Operations link, they were taken to 10 Covert Operations they could try. 

Each of the Covert Ops was a 10-question quiz with questions taken from the released test. There are usually about four or five released tests published on the web, so I made a question bank out of these and kids could take these quizzes to earn more XP. They could take the quizzes up to two times and would earn the highest of the two grades (up to a 100 points).


Medals were also optional assignments for students to try. They were a bit more involved and were worth 200 XP.

When they click on a medal, they were taken to another page which was a Canvas assignment.

The instructions for each medal included this announcement at the top of each page:

Other Notes of Interest

  • I used Badgr to award badges to the students.
  • The gradebook in Canvas has an option to change from percentage to points. I changed them to points so students could see how much XP they had earned.

Ranks and Levels

The Command Post link on the Home Page housed the Ranks and Levels information.

The teachers who used this course had their own prizes as students increased rank. 

Canvas is the learning management system our district uses, so I wanted a way to make reviewing for the STAAR test a bit more fun for the students using a tool that every had access to.