About Me

I started my teaching career at Bellville High School in 1992 where I was a high school math teacher and coach. After marrying a coach, we moved to Arp High School and then Garrison High School. When our first child, Scott, was born, I stayed home and worked as a web designer and authored five books in a coaching series. After our second child, Rebekah, entered first grade, I returned to teaching in 2007 at Faith West Academy. I then entered Katy ISD in 2012 at Seven Lakes Junior High and taught 7th Grade Math, Algebra 1, and PreAP Geometry. I taught at Seven Lakes Junior High for three years before moving back to the high school at Tompkins. There I taught Algebra 2 PreAP and Topics in Math.

Next, I was classroom technology designer in Katy ISD, a fancy job title for helping teachers create and implement engaging lessons using a variety of instructional technology tools. And, now, I am a Math Instructional Coach at Memorial Parkway Junior High.

My main pursuit has been gamifying instruction using Canvas. I have seen tremendous results from this pursuit and I’m continually looking for ways to help teachers gamify their courses. I recently finished a Choose Your Own Adventure game for the 8th grade teachers to use as a STAAR review. Read the blog for how I created that. 

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