The Final Quest, Part 1

The adventurer has his map and is ready to embark on his Final Quest!

I’m not super-happy with the map I found, but when I was launching the game, I had limited time to research and find a really good one. This may be the second thing I put on my list of things to re-do. But, it did the job. I also thought, once the adventurer got to this point, I could have the map materialize into a different one. Still didn’t have time for that.

So, the “final trek” is a released STAAR test. There are 50 questions in this test, so it’s no walk in the park. One of the things that I always had in the back of my mind was that I wanted all of the characters the adventurer had met along the way to come back to help him somehow. I finally figured it out! And, I am so pleased with how it turned out.

I set the test to show one question at a time. Then, as the student is progressing through the test, there are random appearances of the characters (NPC’s) that give him hints. This is one of my favorite things!! I put them in a question type called Text (No question). There didn’t need to be a question associated with it. Just the picture and dialogue.

This is also worth a lot of XP since it is challenging and close to the end.

Sample Questions

While it is a long test, it was my hope that it would be fun to “run into” the NPC’s throughout. Once he gets through the grounds of the Grand Kingdom, he steps into the castle….