Castle #2

So, I was going to add another town or village here so the adventurer could shop one more time. I may go back and add it, but I wrapped it up with a Castle because I was presenting how to write a course like this and I needed to finish! This was just an easier way to write a side quest for me at the time.

A ten-question quiz here. Nothing too special. The module requirements are set to score at least 60/100.

Module Set-Up

Try to Pry a Gemstone Loose

I put three questions at 20 points each here. Students only get one attempt and this is quiz triggers a MasteryPath.

Gem Success

This was a lot of gold pieces when the students don’t have a store to shop in before the big trek to the Grand Kingdom. So, definitely something that needs to be added in 2.0.

Gem Failure

MasteryPath Set-Up

Last page in the module to allow to move forward.

Module Set-Up

Door to the North

Needed to put a time limit on this quiz and it is a must-pass since you don’t want to lose your adventurer with literally one piece of the map to go! It’s a fairly simple one-question quiz.

Module Set-Up

Door to the East

There are a lot of mathy maze activities so I wanted to try to use one before I ended the adventure. The maze is in the quiz directions and the question is just one Fill In Multiple Blanks question. I didn’t want to add 9 different questions so the quiz didn’t get too long.

Well, you have to have a random boulder, right? (à la Indiana Jones). So, another quiz with a time limit. This was more like a fast-facts quiz, so there were 20 simple one-variable equations to solve. This is a must-pass quiz, so students have multiple attempts. It’s also worth a lot of XP for students who are still trying to level up.

So, one more attempt at inserting something clever.

There are three sets of problems like the ones above. The student is to find the sum of all of the volumes. The combination will be the first number in each of these sums. The quiz questions include a place to enter each sum so that when students review what they did, they can at least which one of the sums is incorrect (if any are) and then can go back and fix it without having to guess what might be wrong.

Module Set-Up

Time for the Final Quest!