The Final Quest, Part 2

Endings are hard. There had to be a dragon in an adventure like this, but I am not creative enough to think of a good exchange between the dragon and the adventurer. From my D&D research, I do know that dragons are smart, so I decided to “match wits.” It’s lame. I know! You don’t have to keep telling me. But, it finishes the Final Quest with a bit of a boss fight. You can make the quiz as difficult and long as you like here. I did make it worth another 500 XP but put a time limit on it. It would make sense that if you can’t match wits then you get charged by a fire-breathing dragon. But I did set this to so students had to make a 100%. You have to defeat the dragon. You can’t just waltz through to place the orb.

And they lived happily ever after.