Hello and Welcome to 3e-Learning!

3e-Learning is devoted to gamifying instruction. Anyone who has to take a class or prepare for a test should be able to do it in a fun, engaging, exciting, and interesting way. If you are interested in gamifying anything in your business or classroom, contact me.

The blog posts chronicle how I started gamifying. It started as an athlete, then translated to my coaching, to my own kids’ chores, to FCA club activites, to my classroom instruction, to STAAR reviews, and to my recent project: OPERATION Tech Bingo. In these posts, I will also present my research from 2013, “The Effects of Implementing Video Game Elements in the Algebra 2 Classroom.” This was before the word “gamification” really was as prevalent as it is today.

The resources page will highlight educational technology that I find innovative and effective in my newsletter, Tech Mine. There are resources highlighting considerations for choosing these tools as well – don’t just choose tech for tech’s sake. We always want a purpose and direction! The tools highlighted include apps, chrome extensions, web applications, Google tips, and more.

Eventually, I will have e-courses ready on the courses tab. I’m slowly but surely working on OPERATION Tech Bingo 2.0 (Google Edition). This gamified course will be for anyone interested in studying for the Google Level 1 or Level 2 certification test.