I saw something like this on a worksheet one of the teachers used for class. Thought it would be more interesting instead of one more garrison, village, or castle.

The quiz description looks like this:

The badly drawn map is in the quiz directions so the students can refer to it as they take the quiz. Each quiz question has a number of steps to move. The correct answers total to a spot on the map where they will “dig” to find the buried treasure.

Here is an example of one of the quiz questions:

There were five questions in this quiz, but you can make a longer map and more questions.

The last question in the quiz is the spot to dig. I used a Numerical question type.

The link is to another form that can alert the teacher the student earned an item.

Module Set-Up

There is a requirement set for the quiz to score at least 120/120. That is the only content in the module so I had to make it count.

One more piece of the map to award before the final quest begins.