Garrison #1, Part 2

Continuing to Room C

Whether students choose to interact with the wolf or not, they still move to Room C.

Now that students have their 12 letters, they go into another room where they can solve the puzzle and figure out which room has the piece of the map.

The answer to the puzzle is “Feasting Hall”. If they don’t get this correct, they can’t continue. So, they may need to go back in Rooms A, B, and C to try again.

Once they have successfully answered the fill-in-the-blank quiz question, they have some choice:

Going Left

Investigating the leather pouch gives them an opportunity to answer another challenging question and then earn some gold pieces. The investigation is, again, a quiz that launches a mastery path.

Investigating the Pouch

If students answer correctly…

If students answer incorrectly…

Here is the MasteryPath setup:

Taking a Right

While they had a choice to go left or right, they eventually have to come out of the room and go down that path that led to the right. It is the path that takes them to the Feasting Room where they will solve more math to find the piece of the map.