Back on the Road

The beauty, to me, about this kind of gamification course is that I can pop in encounters so that it doesn’t become predictable: Walk on the road, see a garrison, explore, get a piece of the map…. Back on the road, see something else, explore, get another piece of the map…. If that was the pattern, it wouldn’t be as fun!

So, I decided I could give the students another choice as they got back on the road.

So, while the wolf was pretty scary looking, I opted for cuteness for this encounter. If they want to help, they jump to a module with a MasteryPath similar to the Wolf Encounter. If they keep going, they make it to the next exploration: Watchtower #1.

Here is the module structure starting with the last part of the first exploration – the Garrison #1 conclusion.

Then, as they get back on the road, they see Grom.

If they help Grom, they skip to this module.

If they walk by, they go to this module and continue exploring.

Helping Grom

If students decide to help, they are now in a MasterPath module which is launched by the results of a quiz.

If a student does earn a 60% or above…

If the student scores less than 60%….

Here is the MasteryPath setup:

I used the same pages for all three pathways except for the last page which was based on success or “failure.” The quiz was five questions from a question bank and worth 100 XP.

Once they have completed the module, they continue on the road to the next side quest: Watchtower #1.