Watchtower #1

Each Side Quest is mandatory in the game, so while I had initially called this a role playing game, it’s not really a role playing game. They aren’t playing a role, but just able to choose their path. BUT, I’m fashioning it after a RPG.

Side Quest #2 (which is Watchtower #1) will be where students find another piece of the map.

Heading Towards the Watchtower

Now students will have to answer some quiz questions to advance up the steps.

Students have multiple attempts on the quizzes for the steps and I took the highest of the attempts but the module requirement for them is “Score at least 10” (out of 10). In later quizzes, I’ll give them the average so they don’t just keep guessing.

You can add as many steps here as you like, of course. I did mix it up a little and threw in a fun trivia question:

Just something to surprise them as they are having to keep answering math related questions.

I ended the “spell” with this message after students complete the last quiz (step):

Now, at this point, students will do more math. Clicking “Next” takes them to a quiz.

Each question is multiple choice and the correct answer has a letter.

After answering all of the questions and collecting their letters, the last question answers the puzzle:

This last question is a fill-in-the-blank with the CHEESIEST answer: What do elves do after school?


This quiz is also set for multiple attempts with the highest score taken. The module requirement is “Score at least 100.” Any points earned on the quizzes all go towards the student’s XP.

Watchtower #1 Complete

There was no choice in this Side Quest, so it is just one module. Here is the structure:

After students complete Watchtower #1, they get back on the road and encounter a bridge….