Cavern #1, Part 1

Our adventurer has just had an interesting Orc encounter with several opportunities for choice. Now, they have moved up and away from the ledge and enter a cavern in the mountainside.

This is a one-question quiz in which students have to answer correctly to move forward. They have no choice. So, the module has a requirement set for this quiz as “Score at least 25.”

This quiz could have launched another MasteryPath, actually. But, as it is, the student gets multiple attempts to finally make a 60%. Again, the module has a requirement set for that quiz as “Score at least 60.”

When the Adventurer crosses the rope bridge, they now have three choices of where to go. Much like the circular room with the Tapestry, Door 1, and Door 2, two of the paths dead end and one continues on through the cavern.

Here is the first module. Each direction Adventurers want to go is housed in their own modules.


This is a quiz that launches a MasteryPath.

Pick the Lock Success

With successfully picking the lock, the Adventurer now has the opportunity to find some gold. So, this “quiz” is in the “Gold Pieces” Assignment Group so you can keep track of students’ gold pieces.

This is a one-question “quiz” with one answer choice.

Once gold pieces have been secured, the next page of the module (not in the MasteryPath) is one where Adventurers choose their next move.

Pick the Lock Failure

Here is the MasteryPath setup:

And, here is the module:


I decided to use the new Google LTI for this activity. The students sort cards into two columns and each card has a point value. The total of one column is the first digit of the access code for the quiz. The total of the second column is the other digit.

The card sort is just for them to work through the activity to get the digits they need. Here is the quiz:

So, I did reuse the Tapestry idea, but I like it! The math just has to be done before they can access the “quiz.” Therefore, the quiz is just one question with a message. I didn’t award a lot of points for it, but I guess I could have.

This module was fairly short:

The path to the north has more choice, so that’s for another post….