Cavern #1, Part 2

This was a quick way to give out a map. Don’t judge me. I realized I should have started this giant course with maybe six or eight pieces of a map, but nooOooo. I always do too much.

After they get the map, they have another choice:

That is the last page of the “North” module:

One thing I don’t think I’ve pointed out is how to set the prerequisites for the modules. It may be obvious, but if I’m giving choice, then those choice modules would only be required if they do the work to get to the choice page. Or, if it is an encounter they choose to skip, then there are no requirements set or a prerequisite.

Grom Example

North Example

North – Left

Okay, back to the story. The student has a choice of going left or right from the North passageway. One way has a dead end while the other moves the Adventurer up and out of the Cavern.

Here is another opportunity for students to earn some gold pieces.

This quiz triggers a MasteryPath and there is one math question to answer. So, if successful, gold pieces are earned.

Pull Out Stone Success

Pull Out Stone Failure

Here is the MasteryPath Set-Up:

This is the last page in the module that students need so they can continue the path. It doesn’t need to be in the MasteryPath if everyone needs to view it.

North – Right

There is a quiz to get out of the cavern. There are six questions worth 20XP each and there are multiple attempts. I did take the Average of the attempts for this, but the only requirement is that they submit.

I couldn’t leave Halinard and Leodegar stranded if the Adventurer either didn’t go south or he didn’t pick the lock. I guess the only flaw is if they didn’t go south and they didn’t get the chance to pick the lock, the key may not make sense.

The Adventurer is now out of the cavern and on his way down the Kings Road.

The Map of the Side Quest: