Garrison #2, Part 1

When they enter the room, they have three choices:

Door 1

This is another Thinglink. The hot spots have questions whose results match a letter.

Immediately following this page is a quiz set with another passcode. A correct answer opens the quiz and gold pieces are awarded.

Module Set-up

Door 2

I guess I could have thought of something more clever than “grumpy fuzzball” but I’m a math teacher, remember. This is set to multiple attempts and to average the score. This quiz is worth 60 points, but I didn’t want students to just keep guessing to get the right answer. So, if they do that now, their XP goes down.

There are three questions in this quiz. Here is what one of them looks like:

I used a Multiple Fill-in-the-blank question so they could enter the “combination” in the quiz question. And, this is set up in a MasteryPath.

Combination Success

So, this is a lame little riddle, but thought it would be a fun way for the adventurer to get a piece of the map without it just being handed to him.

Combination Failure

Module Set-Up

Here is the MasteryPath set-up:

South Hallway

I decided to give the adventurer another choice at this point.

Check for Secret Door

Success isn’t crucial to finding a secret door so this quiz is set to one attempt. It is also the triggering quiz for a MasteryPath and is only one question.

Secret Door Success

With success on the initial quiz, students are faced with another “quiz” that is also a MasteryPath quiz. But, this time, students get choice through a MasteryPath in what treasure chest they want to open.

Here are the quiz questions:

Since a MasteryPath has three “paths,” I have three chests to open. If they want to open Chest #1, that is the correct answer and they are awarded 3 points out of 6. If they choose Chest #2, they earn 2 out of 6 points. And, then, choosing Chest #3 gives them 1 point out of 6.

Here is a look at the MasteryPath set-up first:

The names of the pages isn’t that inspiring because I don’t want the students to get any hint about what is there. That’s why I don’t name them “Secret Treasure Chest #1” because that spoils the fun, a bit.

Here are the pages for the treasure chests:

All three choices result in gaining something interesting. I didn’t award these in a quiz like I do for gold because the teacher wouldn’t know what the student picked. So, this works the same way as the store. The “click here to take the scroll and rod”, for example, takes you to a Google Form:

I include a picture of the prize, as well. Like the store, link the form to a sheet and then set a notification to send an email when a user fills out the form.

Secret Door Failure

Module Set-Up

And, the MasteryPath for the entire module. A MasteryPath (choosing treasure chests) in a MasteryPath (getting the secret door open or not).

South Hallway (cont)

This is a 10-question quiz set with a module requirement to Score at least 60.0.

And, the lame riddle is solved!!

Module Set-Up

Finished with the South Hallway, the Adventurer keeps exploring the Garrison.