My First Canvas RPG

I have been thinking and pondering for a long time on how to create a Choose-Your-Own Adventure game in Canvas. I’ve never played any role playing games. I’m from the 2D gaming generation. I loved Pacman, Defender, Galaga….

Okay. I still love them.

But, you cleared a screen, went to the next one, and had no say in your gaming experience. So, before I could create something like this, I needed some background knowledge in role playing games.

It so happens that in January of 2020, my good friend Chad Scott asked me if I wanted to join a DnD campaign with some friends of his. I thought this would be a great learning experience! I had never played anything like it and was always curious about how it was played. How do you level up? What were the dice for? What kind of magic items could you buy? What kind of XP do you earn for slaying a dragon? I needed answers to these questions to so I could translate this to an educational setting!

With the current state of affairs in education, I decided now was the time to try this. I am currently a math instructional coach at Memorial Parkway Junior High in Katy ISD and I have a team of teachers who are doing a great job, but are very frustrated. They are frustrated that students aren’t turning in their work. They are frustrated that they aren’t engaging online. They are frustrated that their online students won’t even turn on their cameras.

So, time to gamify…which is my answer for everything.

In fact, here is my motto:

In times of desperation, it’s time for gamification.
– Stephenie Jordan

Of course, I gamify everything, but I thought that just sounded pretty profound! ha

Side note: I did not realize what I had gotten myself into with the DnD campaign. We have met up for 30 sessions that last at least four to five hours in length. Say, whaaaaa? Yes. Every other Friday night. I’m definitely having fun with it and look forward to what awaits us each time we adventure!