Orc Encounter, Part 3

Talk to the Orcs

Here is another quiz to choose what to do. It is the start of a MasteryPath and is set up just like the initial quiz: Three options at 3 points, 2 points, and 1 point.

Continue Conversation

I should have put at least a one-question quiz (or more than one question) in between the conversation and the map where the student must score a 100%. This is the one path where students don’t do any math to get the piece of the map. I will add a quiz there when I recreate this for the Algebra 1 team.

Throw a Rock

Throw a Rock “Success” (Path 1)

I say “Success” here in reference to scoring at least a 60% or better on the quiz. Success is skirting danger.

So, this is one of my FAVORITE things about this course. The resurgence of Snuggly and Grom just made me so happy. Thinking about others that may reemerge as well before the course ends.

Throw a Rock “Failure” (Paths 2 and 3)

This is the same “Grappled” quiz as the “Sneak by” path. Students must make get 25 out of 25 to get free.

Here is the MasteryPath setup:

Run Away

If student choose to run away, at this point, they are grappled.

The third choice in the original MasteryPath was to Throw a Rock. It’s almost identical to what I used for the end of this “Talk to the Orcs” path. I had to make adjustments to the pages so the story would make sense, so, while you can reuse a quiz (Grappled, for example) you have to make sure the story flows.