Orc Encounter, Part 2

Ogre Monster 3D Illustration Isolated On White

Previously, in Orc Encounter, Part 1, the encounter began with a quiz that gave students a choice:

Sneak by the Orcs

That is a 10-question quiz with math problems. There is no requirement to score a certain amount because “success” or “failure” depends on whether you know the math.

Sneak by Success

Sneak by Failure

If students don’t make a 60% or higher, they become grappled by an orc. They have to score a 100% (25 out of 25) on this quiz to continue. So, they have multiple attempts on a one-question multiple choice quiz.

You would need to have two different map pages so that if the student is able to sneak by, they just see the sack. But, if they were grappled, the map page references breaking free.

Here is the MasteryPath setup:

Next, in the Orc Encounter, I’ll illustrate what happens if students choose to talk to the orcs.