Village #2

Each question in the quiz is multiple choice and has clues.

There are 10 questions with 10 clues. To recreate this for your course, choose six suspects, six places, and six weapons. Choose your answer first:

For example: Axel Hedegaard in the cellar with the crossbow.

Then, start writing your clues that eliminate everything except those three options. Combine a person with a place for one clue and one weapon for other clues.

Correct answers in the multiple choice are options that are crossed out. You should come up with 10 clues and then start adding them to multiple choice questions. You can also mix and match people with places as long as you don’t use Axel and the cellar.

Students can keep track using either a Google Sheet that forces a copy to their drive or a printable copy.

Students have unlimited attempts to make a 100. Then, they have another quiz to select their person, place, and weapon. Actually, as I think about it, I should add the Person, Place, Weapon questions in the initial quiz which would force them to figure out what they did wrong. I don’t know. I’ll have to think on that.

Here is the final quiz:

So, another piece of the map is awarded. I thought this was a clever way to award it, if I do say so myself. lol

Here is the module:

Here is the map of the side quest. Not too exciting and not really necessary, but fun to have.

And, now for some shopping. But, first, I have to come up with some more expensive items for students to purchase.