Orc Encounter, Part 1

I am giving students choice again here. This time what they choose will direct them to a MasteryPath. In fact, I have a MasteryPath in a MasteryPath in a MasteryPath – maybe in one more MasteryPath. I thought if would be fun to see how far I could take this. So, the first quiz gives them a choice:

Here are the quiz questions:

So, notice the point values for the quiz questions: 3, 2, and 1. If a student chooses “yes” for any of the questions, that will put them in a path according to their selection. The quiz is worth a total of 6 points, so a “yes” for “Sneak by” and a “no” for the other two questions gives a quiz “score” of 3. A “yes” to “Talk to the orcs” and a “no” for the other two questions gives the student a score of 2, putting them in the second path. Etc.

That first quiz launches the students into this web of choices and consequences. I figured a look at the big picture might be helpful.

Here is the module set-up (it’s one big module, but I had to snip it into several pieces):

My naming convention makes sense to me, but not sure I want to go through what I did on that.

Well, I’ll give a brief overview.

The orc encounter was p2. So, the the first page in each of the three paths is named p2a for Path 1, p2b for Path 2, and p2c for Path 3. Any other pages in those paths get another number tacked on the end.

This is the first MasteryPath as students choose to Sneak by, Talk to the orcs, or Throw a rock:

But, then I reused the “Throw a rock, p1” and “Throw a rock, p2” pages from the middle path that turned into another MasteryPath which throws off the numbering on Path 3. Then, as I continued to work my way into more MasteryPaths, I ended up with a really stupid page name: p2b3b2a1. But, again, it makes sense to me. Just come up with a naming convention that works for you. I’ll stop now.

Speaking of reusing the “Throw a rock” pages…. I was able to reuse several pages and quizzes. When placing them in the MasteryPath, it was important that I put them in the order they would happen. This meant I had to make copies of some of the pages and quizzes so I could place them in several places in the module.

In the next several posts, I’ll take you through each scenario in the MasteryPaths. Hopefully.