Tech Adventure, Part 3 (Ranks & Levels)

Like OPERATION: Tech Bingo, teachers earn eXperience Points (XP) for completing adventures. To read more about XP, check the post OPERATION: Tech Bingo, Part 4.

The ranks for the military theme are very easy since that’s the structure of the military to begin with. For an adventure theme, I had to come up with something new. I decided to brainstorm (aka Google) ship/pirate jobs. I narrowed it down to ten jobs for ten levels. There is fewer XP to earn in this course, so ten levels was just the right amount (rather than 15). And, I couldn’t come up with 15 jobs anyway, so there.

Here are the jobs in the order I decided:
1. Captain
2. Quartermaster
3. First Mate
4. Boatswain
5. Navigator
6. Carpenter
7. Gunner
8. Rigger
9. Cook
10. Swabbie

If you decide to use these as ranks, you are obviously welcome to change the order of importance. This is just take on it.

Clip-art for the levels was easy. I found some for purchase on Etsy. I hadn’t subscribed to iStock images when I made the levels page.

I thought it turned out really cute with an elementary feel to it.

The prizes were similar to OPERATION: Tech Bingo except for the Level 5 and Level 10 prizes. Those are always the “carrot” item – something teachers really want. The principal on campus agreed to allow us to offer a jeans pass for the “big” prize. It’s a rare treat to wear jeans on her campus, so this was a coveted prize.

The Progress Indicator was also used for the leaderboard option and embedded in a page using a content frame. Just keep in mind that leaderboards do tend to demotivate some players.

After levels and ranks were established, I moved on to making the Choice Board for the home page. That’s the next post….