The Bridge

So, the adventurer is back on the road, comes around a corner, and sees a bridge….

Of course there’s an ugly troll blocking the entrance to the bridge. This quiz has unlimited attempts and students must score 50/50 to continue. This is a quiz that allows the adventurer to actually pass and cross the bridge.

This quiz just has one question.

Once the adventurer passes this quiz, they have to answer questions to get across the bridge safely. This is now a MasteryPath.

Bridge Success

If the adventurer scores 75% or better, they succeed and earn the gold.

To collect the gold, it is a one-answer quiz.

So, any quizzes with the (GP) tag are moved into an Assignment group called “Gold Pieces.” That way, you can sort the Gradebook using Filters>Assignment Groups>Gold Pieces. You have to create the group first, of course.

The next “assignment” in the MasteryPath bridge success path is a page:

Bridge Fail

If the score falls below 75%:

Here is the MasteryPath setup:

And, the module set-up:

After crossing the bridge, the adventurer is on the road again….