Village #1

I asked some of our teachers what games the students have been talking about so I could try to incorporate some of those game elements. The word on the street was that kids were raving about Among Us. So, I did a little research and created something SORT of like it. I also used some ideas from lessons by Clark Creative.

In the game Among Us, the crew on a ship are trying to complete tasks to keep the ship running while the Imposter runs around trying to kill the crew members. So, for this game, the exclamation points are “tasks” crew members need to do. Each task is its own quiz and each quiz has a time limit.

Here is the module set-up:

Completing these timed quizzes gives the Adventurer a shot at a lot of XP. So, while these quizzes do have multiple attempts, the final score is the average of all attempts. I just want to push them to try and not just guess at the quiz questions.

Each correct quiz answer choice gives the Adventurer a clue to who the Imposter is and each Task is one question.

Task 1, Fill Pots

Task 2, Assemble Artifact

Task 3, Open Waterway

Determining the Imposter

There are three more quizzes (tasks) to get through and then there is a final quiz to determine who the Imposter is.

The quiz is multiple choice with each imposter listed as an answer choice. Adventurers substitute the values they collected into the expression and then make their choice:

The quizzes for the tasks had a “submit the assignment” requirement in the module and this final quiz is set to “Score at lease 100.” This quiz is also set to score the average of all attempts.

Village #1 Complete

Once the adventurer has collected his piece of the map, he will have the option to shop using any Gold Pieces he or she has acquired so far.