Village #1, Part 2

Before the adventurer leaves, one of the villagers offers the opportunity to spend some gold in a shop in the village. Students have a choice to shop or head back on the road.


If a student clicks on “Shop” they are taken to the page below, Village #1, p8 (Shopping). I embedded the Thinglink below so you can have the same shopping experience.

When students decide what they want and can afford, they fill out the form. If you try this, create a new responses spreadsheet by clicking on Responses and the Sheet icon.

Once you create the sheet, create a Notification so you know when a student has been shopping.

I set the rules to email me right away when a user submits a form.

Shop Items

I wanted a mix of game items and class items.

The Module

This was just a two-page module, but I wanted it separate from the main Village Side Quest so students could earn the badge and move on to something new.

After students have shopped (or not) they continue on the road….